Error 0x80630801

So you’ve received the dreaded Error 0x80630801 and have spent hours scratching your head. Enabling/disabling peer network items.

Error 0x80630801 refers to your Peer Network Identiy Manager not working.

You generally run into this issue doing something with your computer’s HOMEGROUP settings.

To Fix Error 0x80630801:
Delete the file “idstore.sst” found at: C:\windows\serviceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking.

You might need to run the HomeGrop Troubleshooter again. But normally, simply deleting the file works. If you can’t figure out how to delete it, ask one of your techy friends or post back here with your OS info and we’ll show you how.

Refer to the following link for microsoft’s answer:

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